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Also an expression requently used by stoners and hippies for something of high quality.
That borritos was dank, man.
or... That borritos was the dankness
by Casey April 19, 2005
A thick bud of marijuana that is spongy. When you hold the bud up to the light, no light leaks through. Usually found more in Indicas than sativas.
John closlely examined his medical marijuana. It said "mendicino purps" on the discription. "Damn!" John said as he held the bud in his fingers. "this is some dank ass bud!"
by Danbridge June 10, 2013
Anything, person, or event that is awesome, delicious, potent, exciting, or bacon.
Dude, this bacon is dank.
by NtotheElm December 13, 2012
Really fucking good marijuana.
Steve: Yo nigga, you got the danks?

Joe: Hell yeah, I gotchu 15 a g.
by Truenigshit July 03, 2012
An Australian description for a person who is stupid, an asshole, an idiot and careless.
Ew, that girl over there is such a dank.
by Brooke!! March 03, 2012
the need to take a massive shit
"Damn, yesterday at school i took the biggest piece of dank"
by de0xys December 28, 2011
short hand for Dirty Skank
"Chelsea is a right Dank!"
by kingo666 October 30, 2011
An adjective that is variable to the situation. The meaning is to be inferred through context.

1. Good dank
2. Bad dank
1. Dude, that sack you had last game was dank!

2. Wow you need to clean out your car, its getting pretty dank in there
by ShmurpleJammer August 30, 2011