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Also an expression requently used by stoners and hippies for something of high quality.
That borritos was dank, man.
or... That borritos was the dankness
by Casey April 19, 2005
Unpleasantly moist or wet. Often misused as hip lingo for the word cool. Typically by girls named Bronte.
Bronte is very dank
by antidank January 23, 2014
a term that describes some good ass weed, but nowadays is easily used to rip people off cuz dank does not have a distinct look, jus remember, if it smells a lot and is very light green, then a good deal, if in doubt, dont buy it and go to another dealer; other terms to fool kids: dro, sticky icky, fire, kush, etc.
1- this weed does not look that good
2-dude this is fuckin dank
1-yo its the same color as my shit and has a million seeds in it
2-yo u obviously dont know about weed
1-fuck u (punches 2 in the face, takes his money and shoves the weed dow 2's throat)
by KGBPURPLECITY October 09, 2007
high quality, potent, moist weed!
pass that dank fo shizzle my nizzle
that shwg you had befor sucked ass, chuuuch!
by paco June 24, 2003
A word that means something or someone really disguisting

variation of the word Dank
I saw this girl at the gym, she was really dänk
by Virreboi June 04, 2016
Something that is dank is godly. Only used with the word Meme, or Mememaster. Such as Dank Meme, or Dank Mememaster. If something is Dank it is very good, and will make many laugh. Not to be confused with a rare meme/pepe, However rare and Dank can be closly related.
These Damn Memes sure are dank.

I have created a Dank Meme
by Keegan_Ulvene May 12, 2016
A type of slang to use when you are trying to say cool or dope
Bro that weed last night was dank as fuck
by Deez fucking nuts May 23, 2016
Something referring to cool as MLG or meme standered.
Yo, look at this rare pepe, I bought it's so dank
by xXx_FedoraMaster_xXx May 31, 2016
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