Also an expression requently used by stoners and hippies for something of high quality.
That borritos was dank, man.
or... That borritos was the dankness
by Casey April 19, 2005
A girl who like's hard alcohol, dank weed, and big dick. She doesn't take shit from anyone and you will be laughing all the time when around her, she's a great friend unless you piss her off.
Thats some dank weed.
by Alex 907 October 01, 2014
1. To describe something of immense interest (almost, if not, to a point of making ones-self moist), such as the use of dope, sick or mad. Also frequently used slang by stoners and hippies.

1.2 adj. Cool, awesome or amazing.

2. An associated describing word for the word wet, damp, moist or dark and gooey . E.g Gross.

3. Highly potent weed, that upon use, is still sticky and moist.
Lillian: "yo, dude, last Friday night was hella dank!"

Adam: "Had sex with my girlfriend last night."
John: "was she dank?"
Adam: "Hell yea she was!"

Owen: "Hey Mitch, wanna come over?"
Mitch: "Yea, sure. Just let me snatch up some fine danks first, then I'll be right over."
by Sexual whale dude August 26, 2014
A word often used to describe the appearance, or scent of a female I'm a negative form.
Guy 1: I was drunk last night, Sarah and I hooked up.

Guy 2: Gross man! Sarah is Dank.
by Midnight Mastermind July 27, 2014
Disagreeably damp.
*meghan spills drink*
*emma cleans it up*
Meghan-"Emma the table is still to dank to play clue on."
by SuperSwagSeven July 15, 2014
A racial slur that is offensive to every nationality and racial group
"that bitch was so dank that she probably glowed in the dark"
"man, i don't want to go to that part of the city, thats where all of the danks live"
"dude, you don't just go around saying 'dank' like that! that kind of language could get you shanked!"
by qwertyCommander January 31, 2014
Unpleasantly moist or wet. Often misused as hip lingo for the word cool. Typically by girls named Bronte.
Bronte is very dank
by antidank January 23, 2014
Brenybeast's Word For Everything, Copyright. It Can Mean Good And Bad.
That Ice-cream Was Dank!
by Alluminia October 22, 2013

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