Highly potent, yet very dirty weed. The kind your grandpa smokes. Common in white trash areas. Wiggers often smoke this.
Yo, Justin had some dank ass schwag the other night.
Bitch, if you don't give me that dank ass schwag, I'll cut you!
This dank ass schwag is dirty as fuck, but it fucks my shit up!
Dank ass schwag is the shit! And Robin is a bitch!
This dank ass schwag is better than that Bulltrue I got in Halo 3!
by Justin Dalton November 08, 2007
Top Definition
1.Oxymoron: Dank as in good weed and schwag as in terrible weed.

2. What a drug dealer calls normal schwag so dumbasses will buy it.

3. What you call schwag you baught at cronic prices as to avoid embarresment.
It wasnt cronic, but it was some dank ass schwag.
by Smokey McDank September 05, 2009
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