An awesome girl all around. Has her group of friends that she loves, but she has a few enemies. She cam be the nicest person on the world but piss her off its your funeral. She doesn't an shit from no one. But other than that she is very loving and super funny.
Hey, I just met Daniela. She is awesome! :)
by brutally_honest July 18, 2015
Feminine name of Italian origin; the masculine form is Daniele or Daniel (the latter or which is of Hebrew origin). Meaning: "God is my judge." Quite a popular name in English, German, Italian and Spanish-speaking countries. In America, the name is particularly popular in California, where of the top 1000 names it was #60 (in 2006). Some famous Danielas: Mexican artist and author Daniela Rossell and "Victoria's Secret" model Daniela Pestova.
"Daniela is now a fairly common name for baby girls."
by Clora2003 July 10, 2008
biggest dick sucker ever and like victor to fuck her brains out
i just fucked daniela
by bosssss nigga October 26, 2011
A unit of currency, whose value is not internationally known. Or a threat.
- (English, London) "he offered me a monkey for the used car but i gave him a Daniela"
- (Romania) about 1800 UK Pounds (see news/story/sm_1868389.html )
- (Italy) "mi ha offerto una Daniela. non potrei rifiutare" - translates as "He made me an offer i could not refuse"
by Gobzilla June 07, 2006
A chair (usually a small, one person, office chair)
Would you like to come sit with me? Daniela's built for two.
by danielaGRIND June 06, 2007
A Hispanic bitch who likes to steal guys from other girls even though she already has a boyfriend. She does this by acting like she's this shy, defenseless flower who doesn't have a lot of friends. Then she starts flirting with the guy senselessly, then gradually giving the guy her number so they can talk more when your not around.

Extra Notes:

- She'll flatter your boyfriend by calling him her "best friend"

- She'll text him nonstop

- She'll act nice to you infront of your boyfriend, but will act like you don't exist when he's not around.

- Causes lots of drama and crying, sad girlfriends
Jenny: Daniela stole my boyfriend!

Amy: It's alright, you were too good for him anyway!

Jenny: Thanks, I feel so much better :D
by ShimmyShimmyShakeShake August 14, 2009
A bitch who everyone hates cause shes rude, a whore, someone who cant take a joke. A person who likes to lie and take things in the wrong way. Really ugly, makes you want to scratch your eyes out!
Timmy: Hey see that bitch over their?
Bob: yeah man, the one with the ugly dog face?
Timmy: Yeah her or him whatever it is. Their name must be daniela!
by Fred102233664 May 31, 2010

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