kind, loyal, nice. pretty, sweet, awsome, & beutiful,
=]:you saw daniela over there?
=}:yeah shes tottaly cute
by =]=)=} January 24, 2010
Feminine name of Italian origin; the masculine form is Daniele or Daniel (the latter or which is of Hebrew origin). Meaning: "God is my judge." Quite a popular name in English, German, Italian and Spanish-speaking countries. In America, the name is particularly popular in California, where of the top 1000 names it was #60 (in 2006). Some famous Danielas: Mexican artist and author Daniela Rossell and "Victoria's Secret" model Daniela Pestova.
"Daniela is now a fairly common name for baby girls."
by Clora2003 July 10, 2008
A Portuguese girl who is loving, friendly, caring, smart, sexy, a great friend, someone that you can always rely on to make you laugh and isn't usually the tallest person around. Someone that you would love to be in a committed relationship with, mostly because you would never want to break up with her.
Hi Daniela!

by Jikeson Payberotti January 07, 2012
Daniela, She's a Beautiful, Outgoing and Loving Girl. She will always care and love you. She's the Greatest Girlfriend any guy will ever have, Shes an amazing and trusting friend too. Shes not perfect but Shes so close. She has an Amazing Personality ! Did I mention Shes an Amazing Kisser ? ;D
Jonathan; Damn, Look at Daniela !


Jose; Yeah, I wanna put my lips on Her's ! ;D
by BangBang3hunna April 23, 2013
Pretty girl. A girl who is good in bed. A girl who is active and keeps her body in shape. A beautiful girl with a nice smile. She loves hard and will love you like no other.
"I want to be a Daniela"
by Xoxoxoxoanon December 18, 2013
Daniela's are beautiful confident teenagers that are not always the most fun person but will always put a smile on your face when you see her, usually Romanian, usually small in height but with a great body.
Daniela's are usually great for
That Daniela is so lovely her boyfriend shouldn't have dumped her
by Tomthebom January 06, 2013
She is every guys dreams. She may be sassy, but she's very classy. She's really funny & outgoing. She's also really beautiful! She may not be perfect, but she is worth it. She'll love you & she'll always be with you. To help. She's such a sweetheart.
I could really use Daniela right now.
by Lalaloopsi April 16, 2015

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