DaniRainbowEater is a site-model and YouTuber from England.
She is a 'Scene' but she once said 'Labels are stupid, I'm a human, I don't call you a chav because you are wearing your sportswear as casual wear, swearing randomly, you only listen to rap and R&B and the fact you are an absolute hypocrite!'
She has also said 'Don't stereotype me if you can't take the fact; I'll stereotype you back'.
She is also on websites such as: Facebook, Tumblr, Vampire Freaks and Myspace.
by Iloveyourcolours April 10, 2011
A site-model from England.
Classified as a 'scene queen'
is often seen wearing skinny jeans.
Person 1: OMG It's DaniRainbowEater
Person 2: I don't like scene's
Person 3: OMG you're so straight-edge
by bloodymaryy April 15, 2011

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