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The dragon. Trustworthy. Loyal. Horny most of the time. Stoner. Intelligent. Gorgeous. Marboro Menthol kind of girl. And everyone is jealous because she snores as loud as a train
dani b is a red headed bitchhhhh
by daniellleeeeeee August 16, 2008

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(v.) speeding up at an end of a workout or activity to finish or complete the task before everyone else.
Girl 1: *start sprinting last 100 meters of a five mile run*

Girl 2: "Whoa there! Don't go pulling a Dani B!"
by xcswegggggg October 19, 2013
Means you are funny or ''jokes'' good to have a laugh with
Ad, you are danib! funny
Chlo you are such a Danib! laugh
by Ian! November 23, 2010