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When a particular situation becomes common to a friend or colleague and is associated with their already existing nickname.

Typically a Danglism involves the addition of an single adjective or adverb to the person's nickname.

Note that, once a Danglism has been established, the Danglism itself refers to the act or actions and is not necessarily associated with the person who the term was originally coined after.
Some Examples:

(General Usage)

"We've been in so many odd situations with JB. He's got a hundred Danglisms named for him now."

(Specific examples to demonstrate usage)

"Suprised Wedge"

"I heard that Leezy walked in on Wedge while he was getting a b'jowski from his lady last night. Now every time Leezy stays over drinking, I always worry about being the victim of "Suprised Wedge" myself."

"Screamin Dangle"

"I heard Dangle taking the nastiest dump in the shitter at Long Key State Park while I was showering. When I went outside, I saw he had wrecked his scooter into the staircase trying to get to the bathroom in time. I knew it was Dangle, because he was walking the busted scooter back down the road 30 minutes later with a big smile on his face."

"Heaving Hulk"

"My buddy Hulk was in the head during the whole fishing trip spewing his brains out. When he wasn't there, he was throwing up in his mouth and swallowing it. I hope I don't pull a Heaving Hulk next time I go out to sea"

"Lonely Mart"

"Old Mart's girlfriend is out of town tonight. I'll bet he's just going to go back to his apartment, sit on his couch under his mounted deer "Bucky", and choke himself with his belt while he cranks out a batch of shame gravy.
by crazystrick August 16, 2011
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