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Person of all things that are godly, a nymphomaniac in search of webcam sluts all the day and all the night. Note: This person is not to be fucked with, he'll blap you into next week.
"woah, don't piss Dave off, i did that last week and he made my mum bleed like a virgin"
by AlcoholocaustN0w May 01, 2005
A mental state characterised by feelings of Better Than You, Sexier Than You and I Am Too Sexy For My Own Good.
The person often feels the need to observe breasts via webcam, feel him or herself and tends to masturbate.
"Wow, you're looking very Dave today. You want to slow it down or you'll end up with AIDs."
by mutatedidiot May 01, 2005
Has the biggest foul mouth of MCUK. He can make people cringe.
TreePowder: i'm a cunt
AlcoholocaustN0w: damn fucking straight you're a fucking cunt, you're such a fucking moron, everyone wants to shit on your pillow, and to piss in your milk. i fucking hope you smegging die, useless piece of shit.
by AlcoholocaustN0w May 01, 2005
He's a cuntwhore fool faggot whore who thinks he's cool but actually perved over 10 year old girls, and enjoys raping obese goats.
"hello my names dave. I like raping really obese goats, and possibly your mum"
by @eotgfvfgfd May 01, 2005
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