A Nickname for someone called Dave who is jokingly made out to be Hardcore, but isn't
Orite DANGERMOUSE, how u doin! (Snigger)
by B.A. baracas September 21, 2004
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Classic and never to be forgotten cartoon, Rock on DM!!
"Dangermouse is coming on Tv quick turn it over"!!
by Tito October 03, 2003
Fabled secret agent that resides in a Pillbox in London and should really have more than one definition in Urban Dictionary
Danger Mouse really is the greatest secret agent in the world!
by Introbulus January 21, 2005
A British cartoon created by Cosgrove/Hall Productions Limited that aired from 1981 to 1992. It started on British TV and came to the US in 1984 via Nickelodeon. The cartoon itself is a spoof of the British TV show, "Dangerman" and loosely the "James Bond" movie series. It features a list humanized animals from dangermouse who is a white mouse, his bumbling sidekick penfold, his walrus Boss Col. K, and his villian arch-nemisis which is a green frog named Greenback, among many other characters. Though billed as a kids cartoon, it has plenty of adult wit and humor making it very popular with kids and adults alike. It had, and continues to have, a strong cult following in both the states and the UK. DVDs of every episode can be found in England, but are very hard to find in the US.
Dangermouse is one of the best 80s cult cartoons ever.
by civil_unrest June 14, 2004
One of the illest producers out right now. He's mainly known for producing "The Grey Album", but he has also laid down some hot tracks and solid production for the Gorillaz new album "Demon Days". He is currently working on a collabo with MF Doom called "DangerDoom", which is some hot sh** and is being sponsored by Adult Swim.
"Did you hear that new DangerDoom track Mince Meat?"

"Yea, Dangermouse laid down a smooth beat and threw in a nice sample, that song is HOT"
by Ross Dizzle June 21, 2005
Inserting a rabid and starved mouse into one's anus.
"I think we should get the guys round tonight and have a Danger mouse party".
by Spiez May 28, 2009
dangermouse (euph). a tampon.
She needs a dangermouse when the cones are out
by C February 24, 2004
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