A person that does funny and stupid stuff. Dang is a word that my friends came up with and they have used it in a variety of different situations.
1:"I whacked mike on the leg with a frube and it exploded and shot up his leg. Mrs Booker came along with her cloth and started rubbing the frube off"
2:"U Danga!"
by MrCowan December 04, 2007
Top Definition
Noun. Danga is a naughty little fellow akin to a golum. Sometimes mistaken for a troll, the true Danga only comes out when the beer is on show. Four pints of premium and Danga will be shouting, screaming and generally tipping tables. Late at night Danga can be found curling his fist into a ball and whispering about snapping arms, bending pipes and other torture. A generally horrible little man. He likes to feel the breath come out of you - suffocation is a personal speciality.
"Uh oh, is Danga going to kick off"

"Stop it Danga, stop it........aaghhhhhhhhhhh, no **@?@~~:PL"
by Tony Tron March 18, 2010
1.quick way of saying thats really nice, 2.or your a fool 3.i will hert you
1.thats danga blud, 2.blud your danga. 3. blud if you dont get out my way i will danga you or you will get danga'red (plural) lots of other useful slang ive found in my days pon the roads of squalor look them up... here are just a few, merk, merkage.rapshank,shagsack i could go on 4ever but i got doobs to attend to
by righteousman October 30, 2006
Inventor of the Pike. Piker

Rove loving man seeks Rove

Adj; Casually dressed Monkey loving baffoon

My Best Friend - (Not Openly)
Are we inviting the 'Danga?'
by Sam March 28, 2004
To suck a dick.
wanna give me a danga at the jam tonight?
by itsemmmmy May 31, 2010
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