A word used by kids and adults years ago that seems to have fallen out of use but still used occasionally.

A word that a kid used when they hit their fingers accidentally with a hammer or was hurt suddenly in an unexpected way. They used this word in place of curse words like damn, damnit, or any other cuss word that comes to mind. Many times you'd get a whipping anyway for saying a word close to a curse word.

This was done because years ago adults did not want their kids to cuss. It did not matter if you came from a religious family or not. Sometimes the non-religious would whip you harder than a religious person would.
Kid 1. "Momma whipped me yesterday." "I still can't sit down too long."

Kid 2. "I am sorry!" "I still remember that one your mom gave me." "When I got home and told my mom about it she whipped me too." "I got a third when dad got off work." " By the way what happened this time????"

Kid 1. "A thunderstorm was coming." Mom told me to run the chickens back into their chicken house." "I got them all in except for the rooster, you know, the one that flogs us when our backs are turned."

Kid 2 " Yeah I know that....(Slaps hand over mouth aand looks around in fear)

Kid 1 "I got mad at that rooster." "I was already mad at him because he'd cut me with his spurs a few days ago when he flogged me." I was so mad I actually said "Dang old rooster"".

Kid 2. And your momma heard you?"

Kid 1. "You git that right." " You put your hand over your mouth earlier instead of saying a cuss word which means you probably thought a cuss word." Does your mom whip you for thinking cuss words too."

Kid 2 "Yes." "I can't wait until I grow up and cuss like daddy does."

Kid 1. " You ain't even safe then." "Momma heard dad say a bad word and told him he was acting like White Trash."
by OneWhoKnowsBetter December 20, 2012
Top Definition
Dang is a word that was originally used by southerners. It was instead of saying damn because... I don't know why.
That dang cat keeps getting out.
by Laurence June 17, 2004
A euphemism for the word 'damn.'
Oh dang, I just missed my train!
by Mr. X-106 October 23, 2003
A variation of the ever-popular damn.
Used mostly by old people, as (according to them) damn is too harsh a swear word to be uttered.
Used to show great frustration or annoyance or to reinforce/exclaim a point.
"Dang! I forgot to feed the bird this morning!"

"Shut that dang refrigerator!"

"Hot diggity dang!"

"Oh dang. Everyone's going to know my identity now!"

"Dang it! I just stubbed my danged toe!"
by b3c November 18, 2005
Softer version of "damn". Similar to "darn". Used mostly by Southerners and Mormons.
"It's that skin, dang it"
- David Archuleta
by whckster12 May 09, 2009
1. Synonym for Damn.
2. Surname from Vietnamese culture
1. Dang, too bad we lost
2. My name is Tracy Dang
by twenty5 July 12, 2004
surprise; unexpected
Dang...that car is fast.
by FidyBrock September 09, 2003
Dang she's good lookin!
by xplicit-kid February 10, 2003

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