verb: to have sex or simply have your way with the opposite sex.
Dude, last night I was naked with Stacy and I was totally going to dane her, but then my mom walked in the room.
by freyguydaplaya May 15, 2009
1. a person of denmark
2. a wicked cool kid from canada
3. someone who thinks kalie rocks
4. a shitty name for a child
dane is not a dane, but his parents named him that way anywho
by dan-yae-kay May 14, 2006
The action of agressively pushing someone off of you when they begin to lean on you as a sign of affection.
I tried to put my arm around her during the movie but I got Daned.
by General Malarky July 10, 2008
Gay term for dick, homosexual or dirty uncleaned vagina
Remember when you crashed my car? That was a Dane move!!
by Camerontag April 24, 2011
A doosh who thinks hes cool becuase he won state twice
Dane from sehome is soo gay
by CHASE TAN THE MAN March 05, 2009
How an alcoholic with poor english says the word more commonly known as "damn".
Dane look what crap i come with when i posting here.
by Tech-Boards May 13, 2005
1.a person who is tragically unfunny yet persistent in makeing crappy jokes even though nobody likes him.

2. a person who would rather spend his nights sucking off his dad than hanging out with friends

commonly reffered to as: choongy, dirty asian, fagmunch and tilby's best friend.
1. Sam: oi guys did u hear this one about
Max: shut the hell up, nobody likes you, your such a dane.

2. Toby: oi is Dave coming out tonight.
Rick: nah he's dane
Toby: wow hes messed up
by poopledong5 July 24, 2009

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