A little bitch who whines because he sucks at any FPS. He should die in a hole after being fucked in the ass
"Dude, stop playing like a dane"
by 69_Man May 11, 2016
To Dane someone is to tell them that you will meet them at a specific time and place and never show up. People that "Dane" others will often re-enforce the illusion that they plan on attending events with such phrases as "See you there!" or "I'm just going to take care of something real quick, then we are getting it on!"

It should be noted that the more enthusiasm that the individual exhibits during this behavior, the less likely they are to show up.
Christine: How did your date go last night?

Anthony: Super weak...

Christine: Why?

Anthony: No, the girl completely "Daned" the **** out if me. I ended up sitting in the restaurant by myself for three hours.

Christine: OMG, I can't believe you got Daned, you're such a good looking guy!!
by CreepyTodd December 30, 2013
The cockiest piece of shit you will ever meet in your life. He believes he is better than everyone. He is an athletic kid but he also thinks he is the most athletic out of everyone.
Dane just said he was the best at everything... again.
by guy man guy January 09, 2016
She look likes Jennifers best friend :)
and really likes azns. she the kinda girl that is obessed with japan and loves to drik and party... shes the kind of girl who will be there for you whenever you need help
Dan-e & ??????

Dan-e is my woman
by Cheinypher November 26, 2008
A person whose time of arrival is nebulous or ambiguous.
"Hey, when did he get here?" "Oh, about half an hour ago." "Ugh, what a Dane."
by space pirate May 06, 2013
Highly unreasonable people who usually come from Denmark. Although anyone who is being unreasonable can be referred to as a "dane".
Guy 1: "Somebody rub my knee caps! They hurt!"
Guy 2: "That's an unreasonable request! What are you? A dane?!"
by nun$w34t November 18, 2010
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