A person who will fight for you even though you hate him. A person you need to hate so you can ignore your shortcomings. A person who will never give up. A person who nobody will ever truly understand. A Genius. A person who will deny you everything if you are a deceiver. A person that is called "traitor" because he will never agree with you, or defend you if you are wrong, but will side with his worst enemy if that person is right. A person that dies daily because he is not a hater. A person that admits his pain and anguish with aplomb. A person who loves humans.
What is that blinding light over there? Oh, that's a Dane, he leads by example and is the essence of divinity. Oh yeah, I heard of him, he once saved my friend's life...I hate that guy!
by Your Liberator January 08, 2011
noun. D:dumb- A:ass- N:niggers- E:everywere. what you say when your in Detroit or "the hood".
1. we cant go to detroit! theres D.A.N.E.
2. im surrounded by D.A.N.E.
by Brandyn McCartney October 21, 2007
A person with nice personality, great poise, and strong confidence. A person with such a big heart that loves to give more than to receive. Cares most about family and friends and is very athletic. Sports are a big part in a Dané's life, especially Jesus. Great smiles are always put on even on the baddest days. And terrific dancers and singers..
Dané just has it all together.
by lgluvr June 16, 2011
Is a person from Denmark.
Dude 1: Hey, where you from?

Dude 2: I'm from Denmark.

Dude 1: Uhh, so you're a Dane?

Dude 2: YES!
by Zhangar January 25, 2010
A guy you can blame all of the worlds problems on because they are all his fault as he did nothing to prevent them
Lil Timmy: mommy how come there is starvation in Africa?
Mother: Dane's fault
by Gandhi crush December 03, 2015
An amazing guy who's really sweet and funny, who thinks he's a pirate and is probably one of the biggest nerds ever. He's unbelievably cute and(almost) everyone loves him.
jealous b*tch 1: hey have you seen Dane today?
jealous b*tch 2: I think he's at his girlfriend's playing Skyrim for valentines day.

jealous b*tch 1: damn...
by a for audiophile March 14, 2012
A pretty woman.
"Hey! Check that dane out by the bar."
by definedjawline June 20, 2015
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