Citizens of the small, bigoted European country, Denmark. Denmarkians or Danes as they are sometimes mistakenly called, are racists that like poking fun at other cultures, especially cultures in the middle-east or Africa.
by Greg Denmark December 26, 2010
Top Definition
the best guy you will ever met, he will make you laugh and smile, and deprive you of all your heart and soul, and you will love it.

-his Bailzy
Well Hello Dane.
by Bailzy March 29, 2009
One of the most funnest guys to be around. He is very funny. And really cute. He may seem like the one that doesnt like to talk much, but when he's around his friends, hes hilarious. Dane's always have a nice body, and wont push girls too much. Dane's are just like amazing and awsome!
Girl 1: Hey where were you last night?

Girl 2: With a Dane(:

Girl 1: Really?

Girl 2: Yeah, he's amazing! You have to find a Dane, they're the greatest!
by 2rad4u November 23, 2009
Adjective for a person who is funny, a ladies man and just really awesome. people wish to be like this
Kid- I wish I was more Dane so I can get popular.

Dude, I'm the danest kid in school, all the ladies love me
by Danesaw March 24, 2009
Dane a random person who is the best in the world!
person 1:hi is dane here??

Dane: hi im random i like pie and i like 2 say rawrrRrr
by Dane E May 17, 2008
A person who comes from Denmark
"Hi, I live in Denmark, so you can call me a dane"
by abrkhwek April 13, 2009
an individual that is capable of accomplishing anything and everything set in his or her path; a life marked by continuous perfection
Woah, that guy is such a Dane!
by DJ_BIG_D November 22, 2009
A Dane is exelent at alot of things,
smoking weed.


you name it
but also a very shy person, but when hes around his friends hes one of the funnyest and coolest people youll ever meet.

can set his mind to anything and everything, acomplish it no matter how long it takes.
person 1. Hi im dane, whats your name?
person 2. dude are you a dane. YOUR FUCKING AWSOME.
by kazwell April 09, 2010
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