Fake drugs, e.g. talcum powder sold as cocaine
He sold me 10 grams, but later I found it was dandruff.
by Gareth Utley July 23, 2005
Top Definition
One who always ditches, or "flakes," hence the name dandruff; usually for an insufficient reason, getting the hopes up of friends and family and ditching them for materialistic sluts.
"I think Tyler needs to get a bottle of head 'n' shoulders cause he's been pullin some dandruff moves lately."
by PGP805 February 09, 2004
Dead skin making a glorious escape from your scalp. A pain in the ass...it makes your head itchy and falls onto clothing (not a good time to be wearing a black shirt).
Some guy: "Dude, your head is snowing. Gross."
Unfortunate victim of dandruff: "Really? Damnit, I need some antidandruff shampoo."
by omgwtfsplosion April 16, 2007
The result of dead skin cells being shed from the scalp. In most cultures dandruff is considered aesthetically displeasing.
Dandruff makes your head look like its snowing.
by CrosswordPuzzle October 28, 2011
white flaky stuff that comes out from your scalp when either you haven't washed your hair in a while or if you have a dry scalp.
-people might think it's nasty if they see it on someone.
Dude don't headbang anymore! Your dandruff is getting on me!
by mugglewuggle October 03, 2008
When your hair is messed up and theres nothing you can do about it because your too busy itching
Guy:DUDE, Your hair is throwing flakes at me.
Other Guy: Yeah it's my dandruff.
by ThatScaryKidd April 03, 2008
when some loser promises that hes gonna come, but at the last fuckin second he chicken shits out
riley: where the fuck is Thomas????
me: that fuckin dandruff ditched us for golf
by elburro March 03, 2008
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