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a group of highly talented dancers that work their butts off continuously. Not only do they have gruelsome dance practices for hours, they also have to then march with the band. They do half-time at football and basketball games, they go to band camp, band marching competitions, parades, spring shows, dance competitions. They have "officers" usually colonel, major, luitenant, captain etc...No, they are not fat, ugly chicks, they are sexy and gorgeous like cheerleaders who can actually dance. NO they are not all whores, although they are VERY flexible.
wow, that chick is FLY.. she must be colonel of the dance team.
by Journeyrpt08 August 03, 2007
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1) A group of people who perform with the marching band at football games, (see colorguard).
2) A team of dancers who go to dance competitions.
1)The dance team performed with the band during halftime.
2) The dance team took first prize in the competition.
by andriod5 September 29, 2005
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A group of girls that are fun to go out dancing with every week, but aren't slutty enough to be a ho train.
question: What are you doing this weekend?

answer: Meeting up with the dance team in the Meatpacking District.
by Fer Serial January 25, 2008
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