Possibly one of the most depressing songs a person could hear/write (after a few times listening to it it isn't as sad, its just raw as hell). Written by Immortal Technique. Truly a lyrical masterpiece with great musical accompaniment. It opens a window into life in the ghetto, and allows everyone else to realize just how cruel the world can be in some places.
I once knew a nigga who's real name was William
his primary concern was making a million
being the illest hustla that the world had ever seen
he used to fuck movie stars and sniff coke in his dreams
a corrupted young mind at the age of thirteen,
nigga never had a father and his mom was a fiend
she put the pipe down, but for every year she was sober
her son's heart simultaneously grew colder
he started hanging out selling bags in the projects
checking out young chicks looking for hit and run prospects
he was fascinated by material objects
but he understood money never bought respect
he built a reputation, cuz he could hustle and steal
but got locked once and didn't hesitate to squeal
so criminals he chilled with didn't think he was real.
See, me and nigga's like this have never been equal
I don't project my insecurities in other people
he fiended for props like addicts and needles
so he felt that he needed to prove that he was evil
a feeble minded young man with infinite potential...
it goes on and on, this is just part of the first verse!
Dance With the Devil is a sick ass song

by Dope Logix February 20, 2009
Top Definition
1)A great song by Immortal Technique dealing with corruption of one's soul, reality of the ghettoes, and the consequences of greed.
2)Taking a great risk/sacrificing your soul to get one's desires
1) Yo bump Dance With the Decil cause that song is the shit!
2) Damn I had to dance with the devil, to hook up with this hot chick
by Ghetto Prophet December 09, 2004
Part of a quote Jack Nicholson's incarnation of The Joker asked many of his victims before he killed them, including Bruce Wayne's parents (only in the 1989 film)
The Joker: Hey kid - you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
by LoganJSmith May 07, 2007
To dance with the devil is when you need to take a dump but you are not sure if there is enough toilet paper, but you go for it anyways.
I just had a Dance with the devil, and somehow I won
by smacktheweasel October 27, 2010
Slang word from East L.A. that means your about hit a rock or tweak.
Jerry: "Ey homes Im bout to dance with the devil tonight hehe."
Bryan: "Man you a fool you know you got heart problems and shit."
by wolfgangKTA April 30, 2011
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