the way homosexuals justify their existance.
"hey after we finish playing dance dance revolution you guys wanna come back to my place and get rammed in the ass?"
by stopplayingddr November 05, 2006
A game that, while it can be fun, isn't actually dancing, most real dancers can't play it worth crap as it doesn't hit the beat. Also the songs you get in arcades will never be the ones you get at home, unless you are a DDR maniac, who owns all the game versions.
My dance teacher can't play Dance Dance Revolution.
by Isisdancer February 19, 2006
A great game which only petophiles don't like. It kicks ass, losers!
Wow, Dance Dance Revolution is so cool!
by sonicsnake10 February 01, 2003
A game that requires only endurance and memerazation skills and if anyone danced like that in public someone would shoot you cause it's actually not real dancing.

Julie and Jane are outside Power Station(arcade):
Julie: im so good at dance dance revolution wanna see

Jane: Okay!

Julie just got shoot cause she can't dance!
by swffm March 19, 2005
A retarded game based soley upon the concept of dancing like a skinny asian guy bouncing around on a pad hyped up on amphetamenes jiggling and dancing to Hard House & Shitty Asian Trance
"Look at that fool having an upright-siezure"

"He's not having a siezure, he's playing DDR!"
by Anthony The Great May 11, 2005
An arcade game for Wapanese people with NO taste in music, and can't dance. Stomping on buttons implanted in a slab of metal and plastic is NOT dancing. The closest thing it resembles are the mind-numbingly awful games at Chucky-Cheese.

Think of a TV mounted to a carriage, superimposed infront of a platform. Think of four buttons on said platform, each in one of the cardinal directions. You put a token in said device. Suddenly, brightly flashing arrows appear on said screen. You feverishly try to stomp on the buttons corresponding to said flashing arrows, and get a sense of satsifaction as your anime-fattened ass jiggles to the Jap music.

Other people look on, wondering things like; "Is that person having a seizure?" or, "Wow, that's the palst, ugliest, and most zit-covered child throwing a temper-tantrum I've ever seen!"

And now, several hundred people are going to give this definition thumbs down, with thoughts behind said downward-facing digits like: "LI3K OMG KAWAII DAIKERWESU WAI HE HASN'T EVER PLAYED IT MOMO" or "He only hates it because he sucks at it."

I hate it, and I suck at it. I've tried it, and I derive my OPINION (yes, get it through your apparently titanium-coated skulls,) from my experience with the game. Stomping on buttons does not constitute dancing. Any music from Japan sucks the prostate gland of a Capuccin Monkey.

Now, if you haven't tried the game, feel free to do so. Though this matters little, you automatically recieve my condolences for having to be subjected to its horror.

And to any fans of the game...

Just because it's from Japan, doesen't mean it's good.

If you want to dance, go to a choreographer.


Now if you'll excuse me, I have some WoW to attend to. A REAL game.
"Dance Dance Revolution sucks."
by Alexander Girard October 05, 2005
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