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an arcade game (although there are also versions for video game systems) where the player stands on a metal platform with 4 arrows (right, left, up, down). Arrows move up (or down if you have mad skillz) the screen, and when they hit the top the player steps on the corresponding arrow. The steps follow the beat of the music thats playing, which is where they get dancing, even though it doesnt really look like you're dancing (unless, once again, you have mad skillz and can spin and do all this other crazy stuff... takes lotsa coordination). 5 modes - beginner, light, standard, heavy, challenge. Challenge isnt too much different from heavy though. The step patterns and speed of the steps get faster/harder as the modes get harder, lotsa songs are a lot harder than others *cough*LEGEND OF MAX*cough*. really addicting, lotsa fun, awesome game. GO TO AN ARCADE AND PLAY IT, YOU LOOSER!!! =P
DDR rocks my socks man!
by rainynights447 August 04, 2005
Komani developed game that tests coordination by stepping on arrows on a corresponding pad. The game has some good songs, but is evil because it has the power to possess people to do things they would not usually do. The game may also be phase one in some kind of subliminal Japanese takeover of the world.
You have won DDR, and also the curse that comes with it.
by Not so super DJ Gennady September 12, 2003
An addiction more expensive than crack cocaine.

And yes, in addition to being fairly good at DDR, I can also dance regularly.
Man, I used all of my allowance on Dance Dance Revolution this week. Ah, well.
by Pseudoagony August 18, 2006
1. A secret plot by Konami to surreptitiously teach certain rhythm impaired sections of society (i.e. engineering students) the basics of bass lines by luring them with shininess onto the dance pad and then appealing to their video game competitiveness to force them to listen to that little part of their brain which can sense musical patterns.
2. An outlet for people who occasionally feel the urge to do a jig.
Maybe if he played Dance Dance Revolution for, say, twenty years straight, he might learn to keep a beat. Maybe.
by Veritude March 24, 2007
a game that rules and involves style, concentration, and cordination.
ddr rulez!
by magic the gathering March 05, 2003
A Japanese dancing arcade game.
I played the Korean version!!! Ooooh!
by homstar Runnere October 29, 2003
A popular "Dancing" game that started in '95. The basic point of the game is to step in the coresponding button on the mat/pad when the colored arrow reaches the gray "Step Zone" The catch? There are multiple patterens and hard songs that newbies always die on (Sakura, Max series {MAX. RULES!}, PARANOiA {Yes, it is all uppercase except the "i"}, and other Cata+ songs like bag {yes all lower case} ) Your ability is based on you timing, Eye-Foot cordination and your stamina. There are several modes, Begginer, Light/Easy/Basic, Standered/Another/Trick, Heavy/Hard/Manic,
and Oni/Challange (DDR Ammerica)/Double Maniac. Some people hate it because it is a cheat-free game except the DDR Extreme (MAX 3)unlock codes. Or, they heard or saw a person play Butterfly, the originals or really weird ones (Let's talk it over and many others), and my favorite, Sexy Planet.
Also see DDR
I play DDR, I'm a DDR wiseman, but I don't play very well.
by DDRWISEMAN October 21, 2004
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