A game involving a lot of stomping, movement, and bright lights that's very effective at drawing witnesses to your end of the arcade if you're someone who likes to show off (see also Marvel vs. Capcom 2). Like a fighting game (or most arcade games for that matter), the best at the game are usually those who can react the fastest to what's happening on the screen. Most arcades have at least one DDR machine or DDR imitation, and it provides very good exercise for people who like to have a mini rave or forget that they're exercising. It's not a good game for people who can't shrug off ridicule.
Various subgroups dislike the game. For example, people who would publicly admit to playing WoW hate it because
1) Play often involves going out during the day... especially to a place like the mall with sunshine and real people
2) There are no levels, thus physical skill and effort must be employed instead of grinding
3) The music isn't quiet, repetitive, and in the background (Actual music at audible volume tends to melt their ears, especially something as assertive as techno or jrock)
4) Your dancing avatar, if present, cannot be a bull/furry or a half dressed elf chick.
5) It carries risk of weight loss (fat is central to their image)
6) Movement is evil unless it's how fast you can click/move your fingers.
7) There are no easy exploits
8) Cute chicks, who tend to like the game because of its uncompetitive nature and who don't care about whether you're horde or alliance, tend to be near or on the game
9) You can't gank your opponent in play... well, you could, but the WoW nerd would probably lose that fight.
Such people don't understand why people would subject themselves to things like a good time with IRL friends so they decide people must like it because it's from Japan.
Others miss the point entirely and think it's about actually learning to or attempting to dance, and for that reason tend to do poorly in the game. Almost all people who are mid-tier or good at the game admit that they can't actually dance.
WoW nerd: Ha, I've grinded a hot level 70 tauren chick on my real game while you waste time on this excuse! Look, it doesn't even save your stats or wins!
Normal Person: Bitch go back to your room.

"Man, my half Asian friend kicked my butt in Dance Dance Revolution... at least I beat that emo in the corner... he went and cried about it."

"Those Mexicans making fun of me in Spanish are terribly distracting... I'm missing arrows..."
by Lady Mephisto April 24, 2008
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An arcade game frequented by people who look like they normally couldn't dance. DDR is--in fact--a form of dance (more or less). The arrows which guide the dancer in their steps face the four cardinal directions and can be stepped upon in numerous combinations of patterns. The key to the game is timing on the techno beat of your song of choice. Some of the most popular songs include: "Dam Dariam", "Butterfly", and "Healing Vision". Excellent dancers are known as "maniacs" and their dance performances reflect that title. Although originally intended for use in Japan, Americans secretly exported these DDR machines into their country until the game manufacturer, Konami, declared that exportation of DDR machines would be declared legal. If you play too much DDR, you will see arrows in your head every time you close your eyes over the course of the hour following gameplay.
Dance Dance Revolution is by far the greatest arcade game ever!
by Arrow May 08, 2003
A game that requires endurance, coordination, and good taste in music. Non-players dislike it, primarily because there's no cheap-ass way to cheat.

See also DDR.
"Stupid DDR game. It's so stupid. (inserts infinite life code). Now I can play House of the Dead forever! W00T!
by ranatalus December 17, 2003
A popular arcade game in which you must use your feet to press arrows in coordination with what goes on on a screen infront of the player.

On a side note, also a great game.
The Japanese (Konami) are quite ingenious when it comes to unique, and as usual, very popular games. Take Metal Gear for example. It was rated one of the best games of the year back in the day, and still is with the new games and series coming out. DDR does not attract only ugly, pale young males, and no females. In my area there are plenty of both young healthy males and young cute girls that play the game.
"Homosexuals" is definitley the wrong term to be used when defining DDR. When 2 males go up together to play, they do not make contact with eachother nor do they make any sexual reactions to one another.
Dance Dance Revolution is a popular Japanese arcade game.
by Jeff August 10, 2003
A popular Japanese dance game normaly known as DDR. It combines quick movement with extreme coreography and coordination. It is usually played to extremely good techno-songs and it has 5 different difficulties; begginer, light, standard, heavy, and challenge. People who are very good tend to draw crowds at arcades (like me)and usually go for the hards songs suc as; max300, maxx unlimited, legend of max, etc.... And NOT only Asians are good at this!
try the game...you only hate it cuz you can't do it. and you know that...so get up and try it. Unless you are fat...then it might be hard.
also there is this song that is illegal to be in the united states called MAX. (period) and it goes up to almost 700 BPM...! X0
by Ken January 23, 2005
A super sweet game that requires much coordination and balance. Real DDRers don't follow the arrows exactly, looking like morons having seizures on their feet in the process. The best DDRers look like they're really dancing, all the while stomping on just enough correct arrows to keep from failing the song.
Damn, Jason can move on and off the DDR dance pad. He takes his dance moves to the DDR machine seamlessly. I wish I could move as smooth as Jason without looking like I'm stomping on 400 ants in 90 seconds.
by JayStar June 02, 2005
An awesome and popular game that combines catchy dance music, foot coordination, and exercise. It would also really help if you knew how to find the beat in a song.
by Ambros April 18, 2003
A kick-ass dance game popular in Japan.
Hey Adam, let's go to the arcade and play Dance Dance Revolution!
by Cheshire Kitty May 25, 2002
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