a girl who knows how to correctly rock superman underoos.
You look sooo Dana in those!
by AMR1979 November 29, 2010
1. (Day-na) a unisex name but mainly seen in girls with attributes of courage, humor, intellect, wit, a unique air of beauty, and a large heart. He or she loves easily but intensely.

2. someone from Denmark
3. eggplant like
Danas are the shit
by tdaly112 September 19, 2014
1. An athletic, skinny, and active female friend.
2. Any attractive girl whose nerdy but sweet.
Dana I love you bf!
by Angriest June 28, 2013
An amazing person, especially if they are a guy. Smart, have a good sense of fashion and really cool hair. Very charismatic and while people are attracted to them, they are not players. Always the funniest person in the room. Extremely confident in everything they do. An overall well rounded, kind person.
Girl 1: Damn! Dana's hot and smart? And he's not a fuck boy?
Girl 2: I know right! I don't know how he manages that.
by Hi guys how ya doin? May 30, 2016
Dana is the essence of naughtyness. Yet she hides it pretty well. She makes a Bassam look nice next to her actions of naughtyness.
Dana got coal for Christmas, because she is so naughty !
by Bassaminho August 26, 2011
of Dan; God's judge, master, governor, husband, gift (from the Hindi, or 'Danna Paramita' from Sanskrit, meaning "the perfection of generosity") - "one whom is very knowledgable" (Farsi) - any man that is authoritative without ego or predjudice. Always strives to do the right thing, even to the detriment of himself
Dan shall judge his people as one - 'Dana shall judge his people as one'
by shiloh69er August 31, 2013
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