n. (DEY nuh)

1. feminine name, not popular in America until c.1925, in the top 100 girls' names from c.1963-1984.

2. unisex given name.

3. A young woman with passion and drive, who cares about other people and puts her time into charities (such as the Special Olympics). These characteristics at first earns her respect and popularity, however, eventually her knack for manipulation (or some other undesirable quality) causes uncalled-for insults involving her virginity and whether or not she's a druggie or alcoholic. Despite this, she still treats those around her with politeness, if not kindness.

4. Drug and Alcohol Nursing Association.

(used: dictionary.com plus Etymonline and American Heritage)
Example 1: Hello, my name is Dana. :)

Example 2: see above.

Example 3: Person A: Oh my gosh, a Dana just transferred to our school!! She's so cool...
Person B: I know, right? I'm gonna ask her to hang with me this weekend.

(a couple years later)
Person A: Holy cow, I am SO GLAD she's gone!!
Person B: Yeah. I mean, she was such a slut and backstabber. I heard she's preggo.
Person A: Well, that's just proof she's a Dana.

Dana, if you're reading this, my apologies for our class's immaturity. D:

Example 4: Corporation: We'd like to thank the Summer Science Program, D. A. N. A., ...
by JustTheAverageNerd June 21, 2013
Top Definition
Dana (Day-Na) is the word that defines as a completely powerful person who is not consumed by power and still has empathy. Danas are extremely competent in all aspects, intellegent, respectful, and well-mannered. Not only are they also very beautiful creatures, they have a good sense of humor. Dana does NOT come from Danae or Diana or Diane, in fact. Dana is a word all on itself, created to define awesome people.
Person A has found the cure for cancer.

Person B : "Wow, Person A! You are SUCH a Dana!"
by The Danaest Person Ever February 01, 2006
Can be used as a uni-sex name & is by far the coolest person you will ever meet. Dana is fun, caring and great to be around.
Yep, that's Dana for you.
by Mermadeee. April 25, 2008
sexy,good in bed, gangsta,funny
look at that sexy funny gansta fucking the shmo in bed, dana must be good from the way ish's toes curl
by WOOH September 09, 2006
The best person you will ever meet. Dana is smart, athletic, and the hottest person in the school. Dana is an amazing kisser, and is great at everything!
"Oh dude! Your so lucky your going out with Dana!"
by onlyinyourdreamslol February 26, 2009
Can be used as a uni-sex name & is by far the coolest person you will ever meet. Dana is fun, caring and great to be around.
Yep, that's Dana for you.
by Mermadeee. April 25, 2008
sexy, fine, attractive, fiesty, outgoing, gangsta,
WOW!!! Yo girl is such a Dana man.
by Yo Boo Danny January 19, 2008
Dana - noun - Celtic goddess who is the most beautiful woman to ever live in the history of mankind. Has the ability to drive a certain man crazy with her beauty, sensuality, wit, charm, humor, honesty, intellect, character, kindness, and love. Also has the ability to mely rocks, steel, and even diamonds with the hottness she radiates. Is able to cause a certain man to become incapable of resisting whatever request she sees fit to ask of him with her angelic eyes.

HOTT - noun - *see "Dana"
HOTT - verb - *also see "Dana"
HOTT - adjective - used to describe Dana *also see "Dana"
by A Certain Man May 19, 2010

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