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The best city in the world.
"What's the best city in the world?"
-"Dana Point."
by KYHOLE June 24, 2011
22 9
Small beach town in Orange County. Locals call it "Dana" but outsiders refer to it as part of Laguna Beach. It's connected to Laguna and San Clemente. Home of Doheny Beach, and pro surfer Andrew Doheny.
by DanaHillsgrlll March 04, 2009
53 19
A crappy shit hole that is NOTHING compared to San Juan Capistrano.... A bitch by the name of Mariah Ryan Lives there.
Bill: Have you ever been to Dana Point?
Tom: Thats where that bitch Mariah Ryan lives!
Bill: Yup!
by Giggiter January 10, 2011
28 72