Someone who projects his or her self-loathing onto another person be means of vulgarity and/or inappropriate behavior and who has little regard for the dignity of other people in doing so; an individual of low moral character who engages in ad hominem attacks on another person without regard for social decorum and whose vitriolic response to a perceived injury or insult is considered by objective observers to be a reflection of self-loathing; a morally corrupt person.
“His response to those he disagreed with was so reprehensible and inappropriate that he was henceforth considered a dansavage.”
by dontgetmadgeteven2 February 28, 2011
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A self-important gay journalist who thinks he's smarter than anyone else. His Christophobia is so intense, he'll spread false rumors about anyone who doesn't toe the gay-mafia party line.
That fag is so anti-christian, he's a regular dan savage.
by aaron28 January 03, 2012
A faggot media pundit who likes to suck more dick than a tranny in San Francisco. He also enjoys bullying people who disagree with his fucked up gay lifestyle.
"I heard Dan Savage the piece of excrement cursing at everyone who disagreed with his dick sucking lifestyle." - Average Joe "Yeah, I just wish Dan Savage would die of AIDS" - Bruno
by Dr. Death AKA Grim Reaper April 27, 2012
A nickname for a preditorial Homosexual that prey's on young post-pubescent boys (13-14 yo).
That child-mollesting priest is actually a "Dansavage", and not officially a pedophile because he mollested an older 13 year old child.
by InigoMontoya22 May 27, 2011
a horribly witty and intelligent sex-advice columnist, author, pundit, journalist, and newspaper editor from Washington. not bad looking either.

pretty much the most awesome person ever, with the best job. a gay god, if you will.

Dan Savage can do no wrong. alternately;
I want to be Dan Savage.
by Michael Jennings August 30, 2006
Sick, perverted, anal tongue douching, shit-eating, piss worshipping, bareback Brokeback FAGGOT of the highest order.
That sick turd-taster is a real Dan Savage.
by PuzzledStraightGuyInPortland July 01, 2014
Dan Savage is a gay bully and hypocrite who is against the bullying of gays but espouses Biphobia (which is discrimination against bisexual people which is exhibited in many gay people). He sucks a load of cock, suffers from many STD's and has a prolapsed rectum because he is a twink who takes it hard up the ass like a dog. Incidentally when you fuck an anus (whether it be of a guy or girl) and cum into it and make it gape simultaneously, it's called Savage'd.
Jimmy the bisexual bastard: "I totally Savage'd Dan's anus the other night. He won't be walking for weeks!"
Tom the queer: "You fucked Dan Savage? I heard he has a prolapsed rectum and suffers from anal cancer as well as numerous STD's."
Jimmy the bisexual bastard: "Fuck, I best get a check up!"
by Skialian January 09, 2014

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