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A Dan Kingsley Bartlett (a.k.a. Daniel Kingsley Bartlett, Dan Bartlett or Penishead) is known as a dickhead and has no morals. A Dan Kingsley Bartlett is someone who loves to start fights and provoke people for no reason when they are minding their own businesses and having conservations amongst themselves that has noting to do with that person. A Dan Kingsley Bartlett has a penis on their forehead and has a hot sister. A Dan Kingsley Bartlett can give it to people but can't take it. A Dan Kingsley Bartlett hates people because of their birthplace or something they have no control over, while anyone with any moral values hate Dan Kingsley Bartlett because of the reasons stated. These three words used together are more offensive than cunt, fuck, bitch, nigger or any other swear word in the English language and should never be used in public.
Two people seeing who can give out a bigger insult...
Person 1: You're a wanker.
Person 2: You're a douche.
Person 1: You're a dickhead.
Person 2: You're an asshole.
Person 1; You're a rapist.
Person 2: You're a fuckwit.
Person 1: You're a cunt.
Person 2: You're a Dan Kingsley Bartlett!
Person 1 is now shut down.
by a person with morals December 31, 2011

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