nasty and wet, overly soft and moist
That pussy is dampie
by Tyler December 30, 2004
Top Definition
a person who lives in a very damp council house with big damp patches everywhere. This is often caused by them never opening any windows, but of course they think it must be the Council's fault.. They sometimes appear on TV programmes and newspaper articles, looking vacant and pointing at the patches. They think it makes them ill , but that is probably due to their 60 a day smoking, cheap booze and drugs plus a dirt of Pringles and pies.
Look at them over there, Dampies they are , they've gon to the Housing to moan about the damp.

Dampies - "look at them damp patches! the council ought to do something. Its bad for the kids"
by Dud Fivers December 05, 2013
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