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When you have an awful case of "swamp ass" and suddenly have the urge to take a dump. Right before you drop trow, you let a couple of farts out into the air. These farts are wet and disastrously foul in odor and have permeated from deep in the bowels. More often than not, they will cause anyone in the vicinity, sometimes even the guilty party to vomit due to the sheer and utter nauseating, horrid and atrocious stench that has emanated from a overly moist, raw and chafed ass.
1. After going out for a run on a hot day, i felt nature calling, but before I could get to the john, I served up some damp pork.
2. As bad as my rash had gotten from the awful case of swamp ass I was experiencing, I had the sudden urge to take a dump, but not before I expelled some damp pork.
3. Oh dear god, you're a sweaty disgrace and that damp pork expelling from your messy ass is making me sick, take a dump already!
by Max Nova July 04, 2009
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