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To say something is good
This pizza is the damnshit
by JP January 20, 2005
A women that looks good as hell from the back, but has an ugly ass face. When you see her Body you say Daaaamn!, but when you see her face you say Oh Shit!
That chick was a Damn Shit.
by Big Daddy ACE October 01, 2005
a sign of distress or annoyance... can sometimes be used as an exclamation...
Boss: Guess what! You have to work a double shift tomorrow! HAHAHAHA!
Worker: Oh Damn Shit!


Friend A: Look at the booty on that one!
Friend B: I know, man... damn shit!
by Frickin' Jerms March 25, 2007
A person who is a dumbass. Also a damned piece or shit.
Your a Damnshit asshole!
by rob donaldson March 06, 2005