1. A song by youngbloodz
"If we dont give a damn, we dont give a fuck!"
by Michael April 23, 2005
A word for all purposes
1. Damn, my dog shat on me
2.I dont give a damn
4. DAMN, that ass :D
5. You slept with me girlfriend? DAMN YOU
6. Why you so damn ugly?
by IDidYourMum December 29, 2010
What I think is the best curse word. Damn, not as versitile as fuck, but very helpful still. Is mostly used at the begining of a sentence.
Damn madam I'd love to have sexual intercourse with you.
by Stealth July 15, 2003
Damn is another word for "Shit" but it is not a swear word. So it is just basically a clean version of saying the word for "Shit".
Damn, my car is broken!
by diamondlordnc2 December 02, 2014
Not a real cuss word but it sounds a Hella lot cooler than saying darn
”hey, whats up?”
”that damn bitch dumped me”
by bitch ass punk December 06, 2013
A very mild curse word. Even parents who make their kids binge when they just say "shut up" to their brother, sometimes don't mind this word. So, it is often used by those kids to mean any other curse word of their choice.
"Oh no! A bird just damned not shitted on my window!"

"Go to Damn, you damn-hole!"
by Alison May 15, 2005
damn: damn is a very special word. it can be used in many ways for example:
damn i am a loser who sits on the computer defining the word damn
or damn can be used to insult someone
damn you, you are such a schmuck!
or damn can be used in a very angry way
you know what this is stupid if you want the definition of damn, then damn your stupid!
by Damn May 03, 2003
Adjective. Used to describe an attractive individual.
1. Damn girl, you so damn.

2. Baby, you look so damn in those jeans.

3. Shannon was looking really damn tonight at the party.
by unicornomelet September 27, 2011

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