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What you think about those people who look 10 years older than they are.

Not to be confused with those people who look 10 or more years younger than they are (without surgerical enhancements).

corrosion of negativity and being sedentary in life, manifesting from the inside out.

Describing people who are afraid of living and are therefore dying faster than is normal. You can often overhear these people say that they are going to get Cancer.

Can also refer to those that wear too much makeup, drink too much, or do anything that keeps that "old" look to them.

Definitely describing people who eat poorly, desperate to "think" young, or are stuck in the same circle of filth that they have lived in for years.
Guy at a bar: here's my ID
Bartender: oh, I don't need that. You're at least 40.
Guy: no, I just turned 30.

Bartender: damn u look tired
by Alive&kickin October 21, 2013
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