Damien is a savage if you get in his face he will get right back in your face he is a Kobe,drake,g eazy fan if you talk crap to him he will flip your desk and walk away yeah he might be fat and ugly but at least he keeps it 100 at all times
See Damien he's looking so fly with his Jordan's on, but don't mess with him or else
by Butt head 12346373637337 May 26, 2016
he is a gay portugesse who always gets rejected by girls and guys he is a wannabe mexican cholo
Damn he is such a damien
by notsaeed August 08, 2016
A little sloppy asshole who never smiles and eats dick all day. He's tall and takes the bus home every day.Damien is a dumb ass
That kid is such a Damien
by Sir willam January 25, 2016
One awesome native american who every one wants to know and if they say they dont then they are lying to you and he is always right
Hey is that Damien over there ? "Man I know now not to argue with THE INDIAN aka Damien cause he is always right"
by ndnmafia February 02, 2010
from the movie mean girls. as Janice Ian describes him almost too gay to function
Damien: is that your natural hair color?
Cady: yeah?
Damien: see this is the color I want
Janice: sorry. that's Damien. he's almost too gay to function
by oops! hi. LARRY AF February 16, 2015
known as a rare primate in the african jungle.
look at that Damien go through the trees
by az91 June 07, 2007
Damien is a guy who no one gives a chance people assume he's gay because he is surrounded by girls and although all the girls he doesn't like but never the girl he likes like Rebecca Sierra and Sidney he is dating the one girl who has given him a chance without rejecting him Kinsey he is a gamer who isn't fat and has a life and is regretfully informed Rebecca might date a Derek and Sidney is always dating someone he cant control his temper and does anything for money he is out going and quite a gentleman for certain girls who end up rejecting him and has a few close friends who both fly through relationships or cant date who all think he should give up because of his bad luck or undesirableness no one specifies
Guy 1: Is that Damien?
Guy 2: Yeah he's gay.
Guy 1: Ass he just got rejected…again!
Guy 2: By what guy?
Guy 1: Your a douche
by That guy2014 July 10, 2014
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