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One awesome native american who every one wants to know and if they say they dont then they are lying to you and he is always right
Hey is that Damien over there ? "Man I know now not to argue with THE INDIAN aka Damien cause he is always right"
by ndnmafia February 02, 2010
the best little blue pipe in kailua
has a fatty bowl and tokes a mean one
ask around and maybe you'll get to hit it.
Lets go find where damien is
by pipeapple express October 05, 2008
known as a rare primate in the african jungle.
look at that Damien go through the trees
by az91 June 07, 2007
A man capable of dicking around of epic proportions, Philinator's love interest

Also known as that weird old guy that lives at de trafford street.
Philinator: "Where oh where is my sweet, sweet Damien?"
Charlotte: "Probably doing what he does everyday, dicking around"
by notcharlotte February 04, 2009
Chateauguay, player runs the pimp game.

He once had a dog lick his ass.

He's like a shark rawr.
Damien: Hey Wonna have sex?
Random girl: I just finished just looking at you..
by ChattownSluts July 06, 2011
The most retarded "boy" you will ever meet/see. A big whore. Likes any girl he spends 10 minutes with. Gets hard for 11-13 year old girls, even though he's going to be 16 (can you say pedo?). Sooooo fucking ugly. Has no respect for anyone. Will try to ask out all of his ex's friends since hes an asshole. A pussy. If you see him, make sure to tighten your chasity belt. Thinks he can bang anything he wants, when really its just him and his hand.
Person 1: Here comes Damien.
Person 2: My chasity belt is tightened, I'm safe.
by SquirtyFlirty September 05, 2011
strange child who plans to take over the world by making up a new religion involving the worship of squidlike things

has a misplaced hatred of cats

can go gay over samurais and vampires
"Damien, Alucard in his pimp suit!!!"
by SilverSalemVamp December 13, 2009