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One awesome native american who every one wants to know and if they say they dont then they are lying to you and he is always right
Hey is that Damien over there ? "Man I know now not to argue with THE INDIAN aka Damien cause he is always right"
by ndnmafia February 02, 2010
116 133
The most amazing, sweetest, guy you'll ever meet. Damien's make excellent boyfriends because they're loyal and protective. They like to pretend they're strong and silent types, but deep down theyre just dying to open up to you, so don't let that tough guy act fool you! They're also sexy as all hell and know how to use those hands and fingers ; )
Girl #1: Awww, your boyfriend is so sweet!
Girl #2: Well what did you expect? He's a Damien
by lexicole December 07, 2009
1254 401
The most evil little fucker you could ever meet. This boy has got a stare that could kill ladies and gentleman.
"Aye Damien. Evil wee fucker he is."
"Who's son?"
"The Devil's son."
by Ta-Da! June 11, 2006
933 494
A wonderful man. The best person to have by your side. He will always make you smile and will beat you to Omen jokes about his name!
She's got a Damien.
by psychonarna December 13, 2010
354 213
Cool mellow dude that is cherished by many including Juan. And hates when people spell his name Damian
Random: is your name spelled Damian?

Damien: no (thinking about upper cutting you)
by Oaklandraiderssuckass69 December 11, 2013
33 11
1. Damien Thorn From The Omen

2. An Unusual Name, Growing In Popularity Due To The Omen Trilogy.

3. The Devils Son.
Man, You Look Like Such A Damien.
by Damien McKeever June 10, 2006
318 296
known as a rare primate in the african jungle.
look at that Damien go through the trees
by az91 June 07, 2007
100 127