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The hottest Irishman to ever walk the earth. Toured in Celtic Thunder and on season one of The Glee Project, His bright blue eyes and amazing accent make him a favorite to win. He has also caught the interest of a certain Cameron Mitchell, whose bromance with Damian is undeniable.
--Oh my gosh! Look at Damian McGinty on The Glee Project. He's just so amazing!
--I know! He's super hot! and look at him and Cameron. They were practically made for each other!
by Lexandem July 29, 2011
The hottest Irishman to ever be born; the greatest gift the world has ever been given. Also known to have the prettiest blue eyes the world has ever seen.
Amy: That guy over there is so perfect he must make Jesus jealous.
Pam: He's got to be Damian McGinty then.
by luhhupinhere August 17, 2011