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dalton... well they are protective towards people they care about like their girlfriends they wouldnt let anything happen to them but sometimes very hard to talk to they are sooo sweet and cute u will fall in love with him even if your a far distance from them. Their funny smart and hot expecially the ones with blue eyes ;)
dalton is the most amazing person you will meet
by girlfriend10 September 28, 2011
A man who is a complete fool and doesn't even know how to do chemistry.
Dalton, the man was a fool!

Wow, don't mix your chemicals in such a daltonian way.
by Ruth-Bohr May 20, 2014
A sexy ass man with long blond hair. He is very into the female body. He makes commitments not knowing what he's getting into. He is very trustworthy, loving, and caring. His world revolves around the people he loves.
Hey Dalton I love you
by LovesThatOneKid July 26, 2011
adjective and/or verb:

1. Very, very bro

2. The essence of pain not hurting a dude

3. To rock, with full fury and a Top Gun looking logo

3. Tight pants, mullets, man sweat

4. Belief in the touch of a man
1. That dude is totally Dalton.

2. Ozzy has got some Dalton in him.

3. Let's get all Daltoned out tonight.

4. I'm feelin pretty Dalton right now, wanna go dancing?

5. You wanna fuck and eat some Cheetos in the name of Dalton?
by kona morris October 03, 2007
Nothing much to say....he's sometimes a jerk, is nothing like what the other people have said about him, and he is good at sports believe it or not! HAHA, he does still make a good friend just dont get on his bad side.
"Eh, daltons an ok friend but ive seen better"
by T-RAZZ_U_N00B9912 October 26, 2011
An elite, Ivy Preparatory League, New York City Private School. Comparable to the Horace Mann and Trinity schools amongst others. And is simply, the best of all of them. In fact, its pretty much the most hardcore school on the planet. Theres one in japan, too.
Gregory: I got into Dalton!
Janet: Oh, well you must be pretty damn smart.
by YoMahMah November 24, 2006
A rich, corrupt private school on the upper east side of Manhattan. Basically, hell on earth. School is run by trophy wives who always have to make sure their kids don't get put in the same homeroom as "the unpopular ones." A typical grade includes one minority, and a few hundred naive and sheltered boys and girls who act 'hood despite never daring to take a step towards Harlem. While rumored to be impossible to enter, as long as you have money, entry is no obstacle.
Parent: I want my son accepted to Dalton
Administrator: What's his average?
Parent: 55
Administrator: We can't accept him.
Parent: I'll pay for a new cafeteria.
Administrator: When can he begin?
by Zulaxa June 07, 2005