Anytime one completes the act of taking two shits in one day. Named for Patrick Swayze's character in the movie "Roadhouse" who, of course, worked at the Double Deuce.
I should stop drinking tonight or there will certainly be a Dalton in my future.
by Graham Swayze January 27, 2014
A sexy ass man with long blond hair. He is very into the female body. He makes commitments not knowing what he's getting into. He is very trustworthy, loving, and caring. His world revolves around the people he loves.
Hey Dalton I love you
by LovesThatOneKid July 26, 2011
(Noun - person); (Verb - stating obvious principle)

Typically an individual or set of people who adhere to a manner of living categorized by maladaptive thinking and accompanying behaviors. Usually noticed by black/white thinking whereby said person lacks or subjugates any degree of intellect, to whatever extent it may be if at all. They don't recognize and utilize emotion as resources of normal, healthy vitality and wisdom (positive conditioning - i.e. maturation), where - when seemlessly implemented with cognitive ability - would/might lead them to a better prospect and perspective on life. Said people might be borderline sociopathic, ignorant, and/or some odd combination of other abnormalities.
People (like a "Dalton) who brazenly undertake matters - stupidly shouting YOLO! out of context - need to quit their zero-sum mentalities and embrace ambiguity. Put the snapchat down and cease and desist from defining your imagined cyber-world of people and things because no one cares or is impressed by your technical talents.
by TheTactfulOne July 24, 2016
To be cool, intelligent, and a well rounded person.
"Dude, look at that Dalton," he shouted. Everyone turned their head to see the man walk out of his jaguar. He flipped his hair and began to walk past everyone. Their eyes grew as they gazed as the beauty that walked before them.
by CoolDoodle May 23, 2016
Has a hot bod but ugly face. A nice word to say multiple times in a row:
Dalton Dalton Dalton
by mcj1 June 05, 2016
A man who is a complete fool and doesn't even know how to do chemistry.
Dalton, the man was a fool!

Wow, don't mix your chemicals in such a daltonian way.
by Ruth-Bohr May 20, 2014
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