typically a really cool kid. he like to play soccer. but he has no game whatsoever. athletic, tan, smart, funny, sexy, pretty eyeballs. popular name in the 1980's. has a name meaning oh beautiful one.
dalton: but august you are absolutely right i don't have any game. could you teach me?

august: sure, let's play some soccer.

girl 1; ohmymy. look at that sexy beast.
girl 2; i know that's dalton, isn't he fine?
by augustoooo. September 09, 2010
A strange qwerky friend that'll never fail to make you laugh. He acts gay but us as straight as a telephone pole. Often times he doesn't even know what he's doing but always seems to figure out sooner or later.
He's into zombies and anything that has to do with gory details.

Most the time he can be pretty perverted. But it's what makes him him.
He thinks he's sexy and will call himself a "sexy woman with killer hips" even if he's not sexy.

Over all he's an amazing friend.
Just don't steal his house keys. He'll never let you forget it.
"I made my friend mad the other day and he went all Dalton on me."
"What did you do?"
"I stole his keys..."
by CourtneyLovesMCR January 23, 2015
A sexy ass man with long blond hair. He is very into the female body. He makes commitments not knowing what he's getting into. He is very trustworthy, loving, and caring. His world revolves around the people he loves.
Hey Dalton I love you
by LovesThatOneKid July 26, 2011
A man who is a complete fool and doesn't even know how to do chemistry.
Dalton, the man was a fool!

Wow, don't mix your chemicals in such a daltonian way.
by Ruth-Bohr May 20, 2014
Dumb, ignorant, and an overall douche bag. This person needs to shut up more often and talk less.
People need to think before they speak, they don't wanna be known as a Dalton
by phillie5 October 28, 2014
An elite, Ivy Preparatory League, New York City Private School. Comparable to the Horace Mann and Trinity schools amongst others. And is simply, the best of all of them. In fact, its pretty much the most hardcore school on the planet. Theres one in japan, too.
Gregory: I got into Dalton!
Janet: Oh, well you must be pretty damn smart.
by YoMahMah November 24, 2006
adjective and/or verb:

1. Very, very bro

2. The essence of pain not hurting a dude

3. To rock, with full fury and a Top Gun looking logo

3. Tight pants, mullets, man sweat

4. Belief in the touch of a man
1. That dude is totally Dalton.

2. Ozzy has got some Dalton in him.

3. Let's get all Daltoned out tonight.

4. I'm feelin pretty Dalton right now, wanna go dancing?

5. You wanna fuck and eat some Cheetos in the name of Dalton?
by kona morris October 03, 2007

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