A popular fanfiction of the hit FOX television series GLEE, written by CP Coulter on FanFiction.net
It spins off from the tv show after the "Furt" episode, where Kurt Hummel transfers to Dalton Academy and finds himself sucked into a 'wonderland' full of crazy, but lovable, original characters, cannon characters, and a mess of humor, drama, and romance.
Not enough Glee? Go read Dalton! It's practically it's own television series!
by MasterAnonymous January 21, 2011
A really cool guy that can make anyone and everyone laugh. He may seem a bit weird at first, but when you get to know him, you'll realize that he's actually really sweet and caring. Good luck getting him to admit it, though!!

He's got good looks an talent on his side, but it's his adorable and hilarious personality that everyone really loves him for.

All the girls love Dalton! He has some sort of hidden quality that helps him to win their hearts.
He's won mine.<3
Girl 1: Isn't Dalton so cute??
Girl 2: I love him so much!!!
Girl 1: Doesn't everyone?
by Unknown :) April 17, 2012
A type of person who see's the world through darkened eye's. The one person who has to say the worst possible outcome. He's been through a lot and, for all he cares, would let the world burn for what it has done to him. The only thing that stops him from doing all of the horrible things that go into his mind is the thought of the one person that he truely cared for and what she would say.
"Dude, are you O.K?"
"Yeah I'm just having a bit of a Dalton feeling right now."
"Maybe you should go and relax for a while."
by Xavier Grim March 09, 2009
A guy that will love you better than anyone could. Stubborn to admit love but if he does take the entry. Will deeply love his girlfriends and cares for his family way more than he will ever admit. If you are lucky enough to get or find a Dalton do what you can to get him because if he isn't appoached he won't do it himself. Seams seperated from the earth but more down to the earth then most people. Tall, Strong and incredibly intelligent he is the perfect guy. Good friend, Great Lover and even Better Person.
Girl1: "I need to find a Dalton."
Girl2: "Do you think you're the only one looking?"
by MissedLove September 13, 2012
One of the most amazing guys you will ever meet! He definitely has a sarcastic and stubborn side to him. He can tend to be the "class clown" and loves to flirt with girls that he crushes on. You can tell that he is crushing on you if he is trying to hang out with you a lot or trying to be mean in front of you. He is smart, athletic, confident and defentitely has a sense of humor. Dalton is a one of a kind guy that you will always want to be around.
Jayden: Who's that guy over there?
Olivia: Oh, thats Dalton! Isn't he cute?!
by snapcraclepop January 26, 2013
Anytime one completes the act of taking two shits in one day. Named for Patrick Swayze's character in the movie "Roadhouse" who, of course, worked at the Double Deuce.
I should stop drinking tonight or there will certainly be a Dalton in my future.
by Graham Swayze January 27, 2014
dalton... well they are protective towards people they care about like their girlfriends they wouldnt let anything happen to them but sometimes very hard to talk to they are sooo sweet and cute u will fall in love with him even if your a far distance from them. Their funny smart and hot expecially the ones with blue eyes ;)
dalton is the most amazing person you will meet
by girlfriend10 September 28, 2011

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