A really cool guy that can make anyone and everyone laugh. He may seem a bit weird at first, but when you get to know him, you'll realize that he's actually really sweet and caring. Good luck getting him to admit it, though!!

He's got good looks an talent on his side, but it's his adorable and hilarious personality that everyone really loves him for.

All the girls love Dalton! He has some sort of hidden quality that helps him to win their hearts.
He's won mine.<3
Girl 1: Isn't Dalton so cute??
Girl 2: I love him so much!!!
Girl 1: Doesn't everyone?
by Unknown :) April 17, 2012
Top Definition
a sweet boy who will love every girlfriend he ever has, a awesome friend and lover, a verry hot boy, totatly awesome
dalton is sooo sexy
by lilium_babe December 22, 2009
Strong, confident, outgoing, smart, handsome, athletic, stubborn with a huge heart. Funny, often times
being the class clown, who loves family more than he cares to admitt.
I wish I could be a Dalton.
by My sporty friend February 04, 2010
A very sweet boy that will do anything for you. He'll always be there for you no matter what. He'll love you with all of his heart and prove it every way he can. He will make you feel like a princess, and he'll never mistreat you.
"You seem so happy! What's your boyfriends name?"
"His name is Dalton <3"
by Am.Nicole123 August 20, 2011
You know he's bad news, but that never stops you from longing for his husky voice and his tastefully seductive body. The lust buried deep inside you always somehow manages to come to life like a phoenix being reborn from its ashes. This is what He does to you. But there is another side. Hidden beneath his scarred heart lay memories of terror. Something happened to him. He was never the same. He has a split personality, in a way, half human, half monster. The only thing left in the world that makes him happy lingers before his very eyes and is taken away forever in a single second. He now lives a tortured existence, longing for what he knows he will never have.
Labrijonay: My god, I miss Fabio.
Saleisha: Oh yeah, wasn't he, like, totally deep, and amazing and now tortured that he lost you.
Labrijonay: Yeah, he's a total Dalton.
by Tarot January 01, 2008
A really sweet, caring guy on the inside, even though he might seem like a jerk. You have to be best in show to date him, or else he will move on. Really great looking, usually has dark hair, and kinda short. Loves Hockey, almost as much as he loves women. If he likes you, he never forgets you. Love him if your boyfriend is named Dalton, you will never meet another guy that makes you feel so special <3.
Man, that guy is so sweet, he could be a Dalton!
by ConfusedBabe March 01, 2010
a strong boy, but not as strong as everybody thinks. he has his downfalls just like everybody else. he's been through a lot of hardships in his life, but you'd never guess that by talking to him. he'll be your bestfriend, or your worst nightmare. he has very few flaws. one of them being that he lets big ego get in the way a little too much. once you see past that, he's great.
dalton, you're worth something to me, you always have been & you always will be. please don't ever forget that.
who is that boy? i want to get to know him.
oh, that's dalton, he's great.
by gigglesmae November 17, 2011
A Dalton is a guy who is beautiful, so damn beautiful some would say. He has a sexy high-pitched voice and an amazing laugh. You have to watch out though, because Daltons are often dangerous, so watch out because we've seen that type before. Having said that he is good at sports, and Daltons have the potential for big six packs, though six packs tend to grow when they get older. He is often nice and has a big heart most of the time. A Dalton can also mean babe-licious.
Whoa! He doesnt have a six pack! What a dalton!
by Sexylady2218 November 03, 2010
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