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"Dallman" is a word usable as a noun, adjective, and verb that was coined in order to convey the udder turd-like grossness of a given subject.In addition, Dallman may be used to generalize the awfulness of a condition or thing. For proper use, the speaker must draw out the first syllable, thus causing the common misconception that the spelling is "Deyoal-man". Synonyms are, turd, poop shit and crap. The only legitimate antonym is Jesus.
As a noun: "Eww, gross, that dog just took a giant Dallman!"
: "You know who was a Dallman? Hitler"

As an adjective: "Why did you shit on my coat and not tell me? That was a Dallman move!"

As a verb: "Can I use your bathroom? I need to Dallman like there's no tomorrow!!!"
by John Roanoke February 20, 2007

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