Dalhousie is where all the artsie fartsies go. If you enjoy waiting for a bus, just so that you can go to your next class, then this is the University for you.

Dalhousie: Home of the worlds most segregated campus.
Dude 1: Where are you going, man?

Dude 2: I've got to walk down to Spring Garden road so I can catch the bus and head to my next class.

Dude 1: That sucks man, it's like -10 outside.

Dude 2: Tell me about it, I fuckin hate Dalhousie University. I shoulda' wen't to SMU.
#dal #dalhousie #dalplex #dal tigers #schulich #killam #dalhousie university
by JimJones1988 March 28, 2011
Top Definition
One of the best universities this side of the universe. Best party scene ever.

Academically boom.
Boy: Whats wrong with you?
Girl: I havent slept for about a month. I dont remember what its like not to have a hangover.
Boy: Oh so you go to Dalhousie University?
#halifax #university #canada #party #booze
by halifaxonian July 16, 2010
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