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Dakotah can be a boy or girls name. In the Boy case they will be known to be amazing lovers and boyfriends who love their girlfriends alot. Most will have Blonde hair and blue-green eyes. In the girl case they will be very pretty, but sometimes insecure. Brown hair blue eyes.
Look at that Dakotah over there.
by Theallknowing777 February 24, 2010
115 57
A boy name given to extremely considerate, nice, caring men who respect women and is extremely hot. The best friend or brother a girl could ask for. Very protective.
He is the nicest guy! Defiantly a Dakotah!
by RayneMyst May 17, 2010
77 35
A highlighter whore who says hoe a lot. Has a strange finger fetish...
" Oh yeah, that's the Dakotah over there."
by himommy June 10, 2009
44 99