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Dakotah can be a boy or girls name. In the Boy case they will be known to be amazing lovers and boyfriends who love their girlfriends alot. Most will have Blonde hair and blue-green eyes. In the girl case they will be very pretty, but sometimes insecure. Brown hair blue eyes.
Look at that Dakotah over there.
by Theallknowing777 February 24, 2010
A boy name given to extremely considerate, nice, caring men who respect women and is extremely hot. The best friend or brother a girl could ask for. Very protective.
He is the nicest guy! Defiantly a Dakotah!
by RayneMyst May 17, 2010
A highlighter whore who says hoe a lot. Has a strange finger fetish...
" Oh yeah, that's the Dakotah over there."
by himommy June 10, 2009