Dakota fanning is a street name commonly used to refer to heroin.
Usually when I have sexual intercourse with my wife, i have to think of Dakota Fanning to get it up. DAMN!
by Jacklyno October 08, 2007
A butt-licking brazilian wax whore, she prefers in acting in movies where she gets raped, such as Uptown Girls and Charlotts Web. She was dubbed the title, "A lazy ass ho" when she caught on tape taking a dump on Mel Gibson's chest. She then sky dived off the eifel tower into hulk hulgans man titties. She is known to enjoy websites that have to do with mudd falling and lemons having parties. She is also known to have nightmares of raging monkies having the willpower to do some real nasty stuff. She especially loves the brian the tennis player videos.
Dakota Fanning wishes she could eat her pet sloth.
by jonny k. August 30, 2007
An ugly little kid who thinks shes the shit and wants to seem smart when her goal in life is to be tom cruise's prop for public events.
Dakota Fanning is an ass kissing motherfucker
by opTIAshizzNAZZ May 04, 2006
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