Taking pictures of yourself while not being fully clothed and sending them to other people. Also known as sexing or sexting.
That's some heavy dak borshing you sent me.
by Kazzoone January 17, 2011
Top Definition
A term used when people are making fun of other people who think that sexting is cool.
guy 1: hey man whats up?
guy 2: nothing, just sexting my girlsfriend.
guy 1: haha Dak Borsh is the best.
guy2: ?
by slankywhodat April 03, 2011
Taking suggestive pictures of yourself without a mirror, so that the pictures are straight at you instead of like common sexing taken from the reflection in a mirror. The pictures are commonly sent to other people.
She sent me some dak borsh. She has a hot body
by Clooren January 18, 2011
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