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Ever seen the movie wrong turn?? or hills have eyes?? where freaky deformed cousin fuckin hillbillies pop outta no where and fuck peoples lives up, Well if you have welcome to Daisetta Texas.. Fregia's freely fuck their cousins, moms, sisters, brothers, dads, grandparents, and other related folk. In Daisetta Texas open racism is a common thing and highly supported. If you aint dippin or smoking than something is your with you, and hey whats wrong with some meth?? right?

Your sadly outta place without your beat ass old chevy truck, your cowboy boots, cowboy hat, Belt buckle from a Bull riding competition you were in when you were 4 and of course your can of skull or chew. oh and if your significant other doesnt have a black eye or missing a tooth from domestic abuse than you are sadly not accepted into there freak ass community. Be very wary of the Sink Hole, the radiation from it will have you fucking your nearest relative in no time flat. If you ever find yourself in a brightly lighted or very dark place and hear "The Call of The Fregia" (A shriek of Kin lust and flesh hunger) do not fight, just turn and run as fast as your ass can move, cause DAISETTA HAS EYES!!!

If i could say 4 things about Daisetta it will be the following:
1: Fregia, Nugent, Ninja Taylor
2: Daisetta has eyes
3: RJ's is the only safe place to eat
4: Niggers are no where to be seen.
Person A: Hey wanna go to Daisetta Texas? Person B: Dude id rather stick my dick in a meat grinder.

Daisetta Texas Resident 1: ay Sally will you blow me?
Daisetta Texas Resident 2: sure brother

Daisetta Texas Resident 1: Hey mama could i play with your titties?

Daisetta Texas Resident 2: son, does a one legged duck swim in a circle?

Daisetta Texas' town motto: Old enough to bleed, Old enough to breed. If there is grass on the field, Play Ball!
by DearUncleBo June 22, 2011

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