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Also known as dairymilf. A term started in England where it refers to a female of an attracive nature, most notably in looks. Often 'dairymilf's' are 'trendy's' also e.g. a girl with back-combed hair, tight jeans and UGG boots. The term comes from a merge of Dairymilk (the chocolate bar) and MILF (Mother I'd Like to F***). It's used to describe a girl/lady who does not obviously have children (therefore cannot be a MILF) but is still rather attractive. Unfortunatley dairymilfs are often also very arrogant.
Ryan: 'phwoar she's a dairymilf!'
Kieran:'she looks like a dairymilf'
Adam:'no, that's an Old man in a hat'
by Mr.Chode February 17, 2009

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