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When you go a week without washing your balls then make a girl eat your fumunda cheese while jacking you off. You then cum in her mouth so she can wash down the cheese
Dude, Wisdom just gave that chick a Dairy Smorgasbord last night.
by Wisdom Orji February 04, 2009
When you take a week to a month to ripen your fumunda cheese and while recieving head, the girl eats the cheese while jacking you off and washes the cheese down with your cum.


The dsb
"The Smorg"
Head 2.0
cool kid 1: Yo cool kid 2! What you do last night?

cool kid 2: Oh hey cool kid 1, chris' mom came over and i gave her a Dairy Smorgasbord.

cool kid 1: dsb's are the tits.
by Tushar Agarwal March 14, 2009
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