Teh most sextastic of all. Often seen fallowed by many 'lemmings' or 'bitches'.
Leave Dai's Forum!
by Nex June 26, 2004
Small welsh penile formation often found attached to the foreheads of lesser brained, slow witted apes, with the best examples sporting a high tuft of well groomed hair above the appendage.
Look at that dai over there, I've never seen one so large it must be over 1 inch!
Check out the quiff on that Dai!
by Rebecca Knows December 09, 2007
Bad ass mofo
That dais sure is one bad ass mofo.
by dais June 14, 2003
A creature that originates from the mixture of feces and urine. Sometimes it is known as E.T. The one characterstics that is prominantly noticable is a long outstretched appendage that it uses for reproduction.
gosh i wish i was hung like dai
by dan April 16, 2004
Fag ass mofo
That dais sure is one fag ass mofo
by Khel January 12, 2004
A lover of BoA and hater of Park Ji Yoon; BoA-Fanatic.
You listen to BoA? COOL WE CAN BE DAI's!
by Justin May 09, 2003
dai is a guy that likes to suck dick, and says the name lanny, is a girls name, which is not. and get he gets turns on my sexy abs from guys, then he jerks off..!
dai says: i love you(to a guy)
let me suck your dick, i want some o that come! yummy asshole!!
by trysejh January 30, 2005

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