1) Salvador Dahli, a crazy ass painter
2) Sexy girl with all the sexy knowhow
1) "Dude, what the hell is that?!"

"That's a Dahli painting, what do you expect?"

"But it... I can't... It's indescribable!"

"Like I said; Dahli painting"

2) "I'm a virgin and I don't know what to do!"

"Go ask Dahli, She'll tell you all you need to know"
by Zannimask August 22, 2009
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Beautiful cowgirl from the sticks. Champion cowgirl. World class boots. Perfect body, long silky hair. 5,11 super model. Pretty green eyes and a smile that will knock your sox off. Just a great country girl anyone would like.
Damn that girl looks like a Dahlis.
by R3DN3CK722JDUB April 29, 2010

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