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One who walks around with food on his or her head, most especially foods of a pudding-like consistency.
I shouldn't have given that dagrak my bowl of pudding; he's wearing it, now.
by Mieja Moran January 20, 2003
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Words related to Dagrak

Pure evil, a state of megalomania, dark, unholy, psychopathic, twisted, plush
That man over there is creeping me out he's a blatent DAGRAK
by Featherbunny January 20, 2003
5 1
1. Nightmare creature used to frighten children from 0 to 110 into submission.
2. Leader of masses of evil followers
1. If you aren't in bed in 5 seconds, the dagrak will get you.
2. The way that boy is gathering his followers you'd think he wanted to be dagrak when he grew up.
by Sometimeslibby January 28, 2003
4 3
To be slightly obsessed with chocolate.
Okay, I'll give you some chocolate. No need to be such a dagrak!
by QuidditchWitch January 20, 2003
3 2
One who has all sorts of nightmarish creatures living in his flat.
Of course there's a cow in the bathtub, Dagrak lives there.
by Iggy January 21, 2003
2 3
1. From the Middle English "dagracke": to be filled with jam. 2. slang: a plush tyrant, sometimes associated with "Jeff."
"I slay you, fork emperor, by sticking this knife into your dagrak body!" Your goods and chattel are MINE. MINE!!!!"

-aunt beast
by aunt beast January 21, 2003
0 1
In a game of bad cop/worse cop, the bad cop.

Synonyms include Sanity-deprived and effeel
My, what a dagrak guy- I'm rather frightened!
by Britters January 20, 2003
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A mutated form of evil; a fearful quality. Highly connected with jex.
The boy had a certain dagrakish charm ...
by Cicero January 20, 2003
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