One who walks around with food on his or her head, most especially foods of a pudding-like consistency.
I shouldn't have given that dagrak my bowl of pudding; he's wearing it, now.
by Mieja Moran January 20, 2003
Top Definition
Pure evil, a state of megalomania, dark, unholy, psychopathic, twisted, plush
That man over there is creeping me out he's a blatent DAGRAK
by Featherbunny January 20, 2003
1. Nightmare creature used to frighten children from 0 to 110 into submission.
2. Leader of masses of evil followers
1. If you aren't in bed in 5 seconds, the dagrak will get you.
2. The way that boy is gathering his followers you'd think he wanted to be dagrak when he grew up.
by Sometimeslibby January 28, 2003
To be slightly obsessed with chocolate.
Okay, I'll give you some chocolate. No need to be such a dagrak!
by QuidditchWitch January 20, 2003
One who has all sorts of nightmarish creatures living in his flat.
Of course there's a cow in the bathtub, Dagrak lives there.
by Iggy January 21, 2003
1. From the Middle English "dagracke": to be filled with jam. 2. slang: a plush tyrant, sometimes associated with "Jeff."
"I slay you, fork emperor, by sticking this knife into your dagrak body!" Your goods and chattel are MINE. MINE!!!!"

-aunt beast
by aunt beast January 21, 2003
In a game of bad cop/worse cop, the bad cop.

Synonyms include Sanity-deprived and effeel
My, what a dagrak guy- I'm rather frightened!
by Britters January 20, 2003
A mutated form of evil; a fearful quality. Highly connected with jex.
The boy had a certain dagrakish charm ...
by Cicero January 20, 2003
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