A slang term for peruvian hat, mainly worn in birkenhead
also slang term for pointless jest
man look at dappy from n dubz - he has a great selection of dagnalls
get ur dagnall out
by van tasty loof February 06, 2009
Top Definition
Very uncommon name originating from England. People who come from the Dagnall family usually have a large penis, approximately 11-14 inches long, and are liked by anyone. Girls can't contain themselves around a Dagnall boy, for his large penis acts as a magnet attracted to vagina so his magnet penis ends up splitting the girls in two like a piece of wood. But this causes a lot of pleasure for the women and they don't mind sacrificing splitting their vagina for a shag with the Dagnall's huge shlong.
Look at Dagnall dragging his shlong across the ground again. I wish i was like Dagnall.
by The Daginator June 23, 2011
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